The Capn is moving North

As I like to put it, I’m sort of like a retarded reverse snow bird.  I lived in Florida the summer of 2011, Maryland the winter of 2011-2012, Florida the summer of 2012, and I’m moving back to Maryland over the Thanksgiving weekend so as to not miss any cold weather the winter has in store for me.  HOWEVER, this time I’m moving North for good.  As much as I love Florida (and I do love Florida), I love Mrs. CapnRehab more.

COUNTER TO OUR PLAN, she landed a BIG promotion , she has found herself a great dressage trainer and bought a terrific horse.

Mrs CapnRehab's horse

Mrs CapnRehab’s horse

So she won’t be following me down here to Florida…  That only leaves me one choice, so it’s off to Maryland I go.  I’ll be leaving some really great friends, and taking with me some wonderful memories.  Memories like:

Being given a sunfish – OK, this is still a work in progress.  (Not much progress)  I am taking it with me and will finish up there where I have a garage to work in.

Being given a sunfish

Being given a sunfish

Working on the boat

Working on the boat

Seeing the Tampa Skyway Bridge

Seeing the Tampa Bay Skyway Bridge

Relaxing at DIsney resorts

Relaxing at DIsney resorts

2012-06-10 Sailing the Big Boats
2012-06-10 Sailing the Big Boat

2012-06-14 Racing the big boat at Davis Island

2012-06-14 Racing  at Davis Island

2012-07-21 The view out my back door

2012-07-21 The view out my back door

2012-10-15 Sunsets on Boca Ciega Bay

2012-10-15 Sunsets on Boca Ciega Bay

I packed a lot of fun into this summer.  I’m headed to some great things though, I’ve landed a job that looks like it’s going to be challenging, exciting and rewarding.  We are buying a house that amazingly enough needs some rehab.  We’ll be pretty near the Chesapeake bay so I think sailing is still in my future.

It just so happens I’ve found an O’Day 22 on Craigslist, exactly the model of the one I sold when I went to Florida, but in WAY better condition.

Oday22 for sale

Oday22 for sale

But I did find this other Other O’Day, and it’s a 27 footer….

ODay 27 for sale on craigslist

ODay 27 for sale on craigslist



10 thoughts on “The Capn is moving North

  1. Oh well….should have visited you while I could. Won’t be heading up North to visit you while it’s cold. I can’t believe you got Mom to.

  2. Great post! I loved seeing the photo montage of everything you’ve done this summer. You really did pack a lot of awesome into a short time, and that’s what matters most. Loved the humor, too (reverse snow bird….LOL).

    • Thanks! I’m kind of used to moving, but it’s still a pain.
      I agree the sunfish needs work! And once we get into our new house, I’ll actually have a garage with a work area I can but the boat it! I’m really looking forward to that.

  3. Hi Capn, I know we havn’t converse in awhile, but Laura and I are sorry to see you leave Florida. I truly going to miss a real good friend to sail with now. I think you are making right decision with your life by staying with the one you love. Who know what the future will bring in days ahead, after you retire you are always welcome back to paradise. i sure enjoy your help working on bottom of my boat and the couple of sail we had together. GOOD LUCK TO YOU AND YOUR WIFE.

    Phil and Laura.

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