Non-boat projects continue

The “Project that must not be named” continues.

We’re laying tile instead of putting carpet back in.  Besides just laying it in a basic square pattern, Mrs. CapnRehab wanted to add a little decoration to the side entrance.  What would you do to spruce up this area?

What to do to spruce this up?

What to do to spruce this up?

We’re using 16″ tiles, which is the max size my tile wet saw can handle. Naturally she wanted a diamond pattern, and when you do that you’re looking at almost a 23 inch cut. I had to freehand cut the tiles like this.  (By the way, this is another new tool for this project.)

Freehand diagonal cut

Freehand diagonal cut


Also, for what it’s worth, I don’t think I’ll ever go with ceramic tiles again.  Any tiny chip knocks off the surface layer, and shows the red clay backing material.  I’ve heard that porcelain doesn’t do that since it’s the same material all the way through.  I guess we’ll cross that bridge when it comes to it.

This was very much a colaborative effort, Mrs. CapnRehab did the design, I cut the tiles, Rehab jr. and Rehab son-in-law laid most of the tile.  I think it looks pretty good.


Still have the grout to put in, and then there is work on the baseboards and door trim, and then… and then…

But the list is finite, and there is light at the end of the tunnel.  I’m reasonably sure it’s not a train.


Lost Numbers

I had to rehab my phone.  My Samsung Charge recently decided to lose all my phone numbers. Apparently the backup wasn’t working either.  I was able to load a backup from a few years ago.  Warning if you have one.  It seems that this happens to a log of people.

I’ve pretty much lost all my contacts from Florida.  If you have my number, AND you want to stay in contact …  please text me with your name and I’ll put you back in my contacts list.  Better yet, give me a call and let me know what you’re up to.  I’ve been meaning to call, but you know how busy things get…

I have a samsung S3 now. This thing is pretty nice, especially the speech recognition.

I’ve got the new phone linked with my Google contacts now, so I won’t lose them again – but Google will know all about you now.  Who am I kidding, they already know.

Basement insulation

The “Project That Must Not Be Named” continues. I am taking a week of vacation to give a big push to finish. Yesterday’s activity was adding insulation and sealing the a/c ducts.

The basement had a mold problem when we bought the house. One primary cause seems to have been condensation on the air ducts.  So we are sealing the ducts first tape, then a goop (oddly enough called “air duct sealant”, and finally wrapping with insulation. With breathing masks, ladders, and awkward angles and hard to reach places there is only one way to put it. This job sucks.


I can’t wait to get this entire thing completed.