Proud Boat Owner!

I went and bought a boat.  To be specific, she’s a 1975 O’Day 22.  Didn’t pay much, and she’s not really worth much.  Actually, maybe the guy should have paid me to take her.  Here she is.

Me and my new sailboat
Me and my new sailboat

The inside is a wreck, and I’ll have to learn how to do sailboat repairs.

This project seems interesting enough to blog about.  We’ll see.
Why did I do it?  Sorry, can’t answer that question.
Do I have any sailing experience?  Not much.  OK, really not much.
Am I handy with tools?   Sort of.  Mostly wood.  I’ve never done fiberglass or metal work.
What the heck, I’ll figure it out as I go.  Should be fun.
Oh, by the way.  Someone has agreed to give me a 23′ O’day as well.  I’m meeting him Saturday to get the keys and paperwork.  She’s at a marina near annapolis.  Don’t know how I’ll get her home.  No trailer.  I guess I better figure it out before the slip rent is due in February.  Wish me luck.

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