Book Review: Annapolis Book of Sailing by John Rousmaniere



Annapolis Book of Sailing: By John Rousmanier

The author’s name is pronounced  “Room-an-ear”, and he sure knows a lot about sailing.

This is a great book jam-packed with sailing information.  It covers knots, navigation, safety gear, sails, tools, maintenance, weather, anchoring, recommended reading, etc., etc….  There are 403 pages, (and they are big pages) with something interesting on every page.

It is not the kind of book I can read for hours.  The format is such that even though it has chapters and a logical flow, it is easy to read it a little at a time.  So I put it in the special room that I visit every day where I can take 5 or ten minutes of personal quiet time…

Several chapters like “The Boat” (chp. 1), “Weather” (chp. 4) & “Personal Safety” (chp. 7) were covered pretty well in my 13 week Coast Guard boating course.  Other chapters “Piloting and Position Finding” (chp. 11) & “Special Piloting Techniques” (chp. 12) introduced me to  Navigation, which I find very interesting – Especially Celestial Navigation. Most of my experience has been day sails and races, where most of the time I’m not out of site of the marina.  (I do hope to change that soon).

One section I particularly liked is an Appendix called “A Sailor’s Library” which has quite a few recommendations for books to read.  I was pleased to see Lin & Larry Pardey’s “Storm Tactics Handbook” in there, which as I’m sure you’ll recall I’ve already given a positive review on this blog.

I would recommend this book as a great introduction to sailing and I plan to keep it around as a reference book.   “Most” of the time it is in easy to read English, and when the sentences get more complicated it is because the concepts he is talking about are more complicated.