Boat Titles

Wow, it’s been 3 weeks since I posted.  Sorry loyal followers!  I’ve been somewhat busy with non-boat things.  Including going to Orlando,FL to watch my son graduate from UCF!  Yay Alex!  Wound up spending a week there.  Anyway, back to work.

I finally got around to going BACK to the Fish & Wildlife office and completing the title work for my 2 sailboats.  Last time I went I didn’t have formal bill of sales for either.  Apparently, writing on an index card that you sold the boat doesn’t cut it with those paper pushers down in Annapolis.  Also, if someone in Maryland tries to give you a boat, they’ll still tax you 5% on a minimum value of $1000 unless you can prove it’s a junker.  (With pictures and signed statement by prior owner)  I finally got them to accept a value of $100 (That’s their absolute minimum and it requires manager approval) and only charge me $5.

After contacting both prior owners and getting new Bill of Sales on official forms I got to take another trip to Fish & Wildlife and get my titles.

So here is the breakdown:

Free boat (O’day 23) : I got title only. cost $7

Paid boat (O’day 22): I got title and registration. cost $43.50

Here is the decal I will eventually put on the boat in my shed.

O'Day 22 Fish & Wildlife decal

O'Day 22 Fish & Wildlife decal