Me and my new sailboat

Me and my first sailboat

I love being on the water in a sailboat.  I’m learning how to rehab sailboats at the same time I’m improving my skills sailing them.  I would love to sail around the world, but would settle for a cruise in the Bahamas (for now).  If you want to invite me for a  sailing leg in the Bahamas or Caribbean, my answer is probably yes.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. I need a keel for my catalina 22, the original keel is rusted beyond repair. I’m in NC. Any suggestions?

    • When you say “rusted beyond repair”, are you sure? I’ve seen some pictures of amazing repairs done.

      I found mine on craigslist. The guy had two keels from catalina 22’s he broke up. You can go basically one of three routes

      1) Set up an automatic search for “Catalina”. Someone is bound to have one posted eventually.

      2) Another option is to find another Catalina 22 that’s too far gone, buy it for scrap and take the keel. You can also sell the other parts. Here is one http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/doc/boa/5039300840.html I looked at. He’ll probably give it to you to get rid of it, but the trailer bunks are pretty far gone. I wouldn’t trust it without some work on site. Once you get it you’ll still have to fix the keel.

      3) Last option is to have one made. I have a friend that made one for a Catalina 25. It was made out of steel and then epoxied.

  2. Hi — I just found your site and was wondering if you successfully rehabilitated your Catalina 22 keel weldments. I broke a bolt on mine two days before the boat was supposed to go in the water, and I have been working on extracting it ever since. Tonight, I just broke the bolt extractor I was using, so that’s pretty much game over as far as getting out the broken bolt because you can’t drill out extractors. I am going to call Catalina Direct tomorrow to ask what the procedure is for weldment replacement but I’m beyond discouraged and was hoping I could find someone who is friendly who has done it before. Would love it if you would reply either way.

    • Hi Peter,

      Work and the home “Project that must not be named” got in the way. Both jobs are finished now and I’m coming up for air. I’m planning on starting up rehab jobs again, but have a riding lawnmower to fix first. After that I have to choose either the sunfish or the Catalina to start on. I was going to do the sunfish on the idea that it would be quicker to finish and I’d finally have a working sailboat. The crew of the sailboat I race on are urging the Catalina. Haven’t decided. Will wait till the lawnmower is done.

      Sorry to hear about your troubles extracting the bolts. That’s the first thing I have to tackle and I’ve been dreading it. PLEASE let me know how it goes for you, I love corresponding with other boat owners. And good luck.

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