Friday Laser Races 2015 – #1

I went out with the club laser fleet yesterday and had a great time. I was around boats, so of course I did manage to take a selfie.

laser racing

laser racing

I joined the WRSC club’s shared boat program so I could sail Laser’s without having to buy my own.  This is a pretty good deal for me, since I’m putting my effort and $$ into the Catalina 22 repairs.

It was quite an adventure.  I was a bit nervous, since it was something new.  I only did one race last season and there were only 2 other boats, so that wasn’t much of a race.  This time there were 7!  Out of 5 races, I came in last every time.  HOWEVER, there may have been an extenuating circumstance.

A couple of things went wrong.  I felt like I was sailing really slow. on race 3, I found a plug floating in the cockpit.  This made me think that maybe this boat had a plug that needed to be put in. While on the downwind leg I pointed the boat at the race marker and hung over the back end of the boat looking for a hole.  I found it (under water) and screwed in the plug.  By then the boat already had a lot of water in it.  I think it made it a bit tipsy, because I capsized (twice)and even broke the tiller extension. Once I got back to shore I took out the plug to drain and dropped it in the murky water. Lost instantly.  I certainly didn’t feel very coordinated.   I came into shore way behind everyone else and barely had time for a fish burger and a brew in my CapnRehab Mug before heading home.  It sure took a lot out of me.  I barely made it home to shower and fall into bed exhausted.

Here I was having a bit of fun with an app on my phone called “paper artist”.

Sailing "Resolute"

Sailing “Resolute”