Racing “Old Shoes” to the Miles River

I spent Saturday and Sunday Memorial day weekend racing the 30′ Pearson “Old Shoes” in the annual Annapolis to Miles River race.  Out total sail mileage on the way was 34 miles.  Here is the path we took.


We started on the left in the West River, sailed up to Annapolis for the start, then raced downwind.  It was so beautiful seeing all the boats with their Spinnaker sails up.  (Those are the ones that look like big balloons).  We rounded the first mark and headed back up to the right (east) into Eastern Bay.  I took this picture shortly after the turn.

2014-05-24 A look back


What’s a blog without a good selfie?

2014-05-24 Selfie


Not long after that we fell into a hole without any wind.  After an incredibly slow rounding the mark the wind picked up a bit and we sailed downwind again to the Miles River Yacht Club.  I was trimming the Spinnaker while lying on the cabin top.  You have to look up and in light wind that’s the easiest way to do it.



2014-05-24 Spinnaker trimming

Spinnaker trimming is a very active role.  You have to let out the sail till it almost starts collapsing, then bring it back in to fill it up with wind and then start all over again.    So while everyone else in the picture gets to look a the boat taking the picture, I’m barely in it because I’m laying back looking up.  You can barely see my baseball cap bill just above the cabin window but on the other (port) side.  It’s OK, I was having a great time.  Here is it from a different perspective.

2014-05-24-Spinnaker Trimming

This is a shot near the end where you see that our competitors (and boats in other classes not racing against us) have caught up and we’re racing for the finish.


There were lots of boats and classes.  Our class had 11 boats and we came in 5th, which was a very good result.  After a great party at the yacht club I slept on the boat (a first! – not counting cruise boats) and woke up to this.


Beautiful, but obviously no wind.  We attempted to race back, but after 3 hours of “Shake and Bake” (Where there is no wind, you bob on the water, and the power boat wakes rock you till you want to puke) we gave up and motored back.

Here is  a final picture of the remaining boats still toughing it out.  I love to sail, but I’m glad we called it a day (we weren’t the first).  The heat and the bouncing really took it out of me.

2014-05-25_ Miles River - Day 2

It was a great time and I’m glad I got the opportunity to race.  The captain is great, and the crew is too.  A fun bunch of people.

If this sounds like fun (the first day at least)  I’m sure there is a local boat or yacht club that would love to have extra hands for the next race.  Head on down and say hello.  Sailboaters are a friendly bunch!


Back to Sailing

This post is a bit of old news.  I joined a racing boat.  She’s  a 30′ Pearson named “Old Shoes”.   The crew seemed friendly and the captain was very practical.  I don’t want a lot of shouting and anger when I sail, and it seems like I will fit right in with this group.  I’m very happy about it.

We went for the first practice sail of the season on March 31.  It was terrible weather.  Cold, Freezing Rain, wind gusts exceeding 20 mph.  Exciting.

In preparation I went to REI and got a raincoat (unfortunately I don’t remember the raincoat model name, and there is not model information tag on it).  I wore it with a fleece sweater and waterproof pant coverings.  It all worked pretty well, although without gloves I wound up being pretty cold.  Wearing soggy tennis shoes didn’t help either.  Didn’t stop me from having fun, but next time I expect to be more prepared.

Cold sailing day compete.  Heading back in.

Cold sailing day compete. Heading back in.

They will have competed in 4 races before I get back.  Hope I can come up to speed quickly.

Vacation almost over

Last year was pretty tough job-wise, but now the “Job that must not be named” is over.  In celebration  Mrs. CapnRehab  and I spent 10 days in the Florida Keys.  We did a few touristy things, but mostly chilled out and took it easy.

We found a house on Cudjoe Key  using    We’ve used Homeaway 5 or 6 times.  We’ve stayed in Orlando, Indian Rocks Beach FL, Lido California, and now the Florida Keys.  Every time has been way better than staying in a motel – However, if you use it be sure and check it out thoroughly before sending any money.

This was the view from the upper deck on the only evening the wind dropped below 10 mph- to zero.


This was the view from the lower deck


We also went kayaking.  I found an abandoned boat fender in the mangrove trees.  Mrs. CapnRehab offered to tow it, but it slowed her down too much so I stuffed it in a cargo bin.  It will come in handy on the Catalina!





See that sailboat in the background?  It seems pretty normal, but on our way back we went by the front.  The front is not pointed, it’s flat.  Strange.


We also bicycled around Key West, going to Kermit’s Key West Lime Shoppe where Mrs  CapnRehab had her slice of Key Lime pie and mine too!  (I’m not that big a fan of graham cracker crust in a pie).



We also went snorkeling on a sail/snorkel trip.  I got some video using my GoPro.  Wish me luck turning it into something worth watching.  I took video during the kayak trips, but that will definitely not make it into a movie.  Apparently there is some skill required when filming with a camera mounted on your head.

Here is my first GoPro Movie.  Don’t judge me too harshly.  Click to see a Cudjoe Key Sunrise.

I’m in Orlando another week.  Any of my Tampa buddies that want to get together this week let me know.  I lost everybody’s phone numbers when my phone deleted my address book last year.  Call me soon!

Once I get back home I’ll be starting the Sunfish restoration, so stay tuned for that.