Back to the water

I was out at the club this weekend doing a one day seminar on Race Committee duties.  The seminar was put on by the US Sailing Association and was very informative.

Before the seminar started I stopped by the water and enjoyed the peaceful scene below.  I was happy to see that the ice had thawed and that it was going to be a beautiful day.  It was good to be near the water again.

Peaceful picture of Sailboats floating

Pirates cove in the morning


Patiently waiting for spring, and other stuff

Yesterday I went up to the West River Sailing Club for a racing seminar and got my beer mug.  Some of the etching isn’t quite clear, but it says “West River Sailing Club, Capn Rehab 2014 Capital Donor” on it.  It’s part of an effort to raise funds for repairs etc. and give me 1$ draft beers for the rest of the season.  It’s a win-win situation!

CapnRehab mug

CapnRehab mug

I also took a look around the West River.

frozen sailboat

frozen sailboat

I braved the cold to walk out to the end of the pier near Pirates Cove.

Pirates Cove

Pirates Cove

Brrr.  I miss Florida.

The boats are missing the warmth too.

boat  racks

cold boat racks

OK, it’s March 1st, spring already, let’s get a move on!

I joined West River Sail Club (WRSC)

I joined the West River Sail Club in Galesville, MD.  They We are active sailors with lots of different fleets.  The catamarans sail on Tuesdays, and Lasers sail on Fridays.  My current plan is to:

1) on Tuesday – tag along and beg rides as crew on catamarans
2) on Wednesday – sail the 30′ pearson
3) On Fridays – get checked out on the club lasers and then start racing with them.

Three days a week MAY be enough sailing, so just in case I’ll throw in a few weekend regattas and races.  Should be a fun summer.

This weekend was the Galesville Heritage race.  I went as crew in one of the club’s Albacore sailboats.  I have to say I enjoyed that I was sailing, but the Albacore is definitely NOT one of my favorite boats.  Anyhow, there were 3 Albacores sailing in our group.  My skipper was good, but the boat was outclassed by the other two privately owned boats.  We came in last of the three, and since our group started last, our boat was last over the finish line – FOR THE WHOLE REGATTA!.  So we won the prize for that.  It’s on the right in the picture below.  Funny, Natty Bo keeps coming up around sailing for me.

My skipper gave me an old WRSC hat that she won but doesn’t wear, so I can show my WRSC pride when I’m out and about. It’s for first place in a race, so I feel a bit like an impostor when I wear it.  Oh well.  It’s on the left below.