Miles River Parrot

One picture I forgot to post in the Miles River Race post was of me with this Conure parrot.  He sure was a friendly little guy.  His name is “Spinaker”  and he actually goes sailing with the owner.  As the locals say it, I’m enjoying a frosty “Natty Bo”  – National Bohemian beer.





Back to Sailing

This post is a bit of old news.  I joined a racing boat.  She’s  a 30′ Pearson named “Old Shoes”.   The crew seemed friendly and the captain was very practical.  I don’t want a lot of shouting and anger when I sail, and it seems like I will fit right in with this group.  I’m very happy about it.

We went for the first practice sail of the season on March 31.  It was terrible weather.  Cold, Freezing Rain, wind gusts exceeding 20 mph.  Exciting.

In preparation I went to REI and got a raincoat (unfortunately I don’t remember the raincoat model name, and there is not model information tag on it).  I wore it with a fleece sweater and waterproof pant coverings.  It all worked pretty well, although without gloves I wound up being pretty cold.  Wearing soggy tennis shoes didn’t help either.  Didn’t stop me from having fun, but next time I expect to be more prepared.

Cold sailing day compete.  Heading back in.

Cold sailing day compete. Heading back in.

They will have competed in 4 races before I get back.  Hope I can come up to speed quickly.