How to Stay Afloat when your boat is sinking

I follow “Zero to Cruising“, a blog by some very interesting and active cruisers that started with no sailing experience at all, just a desire to sail.  He mentioned this in a post about through hulls (holes in the hull for various functions).  It’s a kind of goop that you use if you have an unwanted hole in your boat that is letting unwanted water in.  It seems like you should have this in any boat you go out on.


Boating safety class #10 – Navigation

I’m trying out creating a post from my phone. It sure is a lot harder to type.

I was actually looking forward to this class, but the instructor KILLED the topic. Oh my gosh i could barely stay awake!

To sum it up, most people use a GPS. Now u can have GPS and charts on your phone. But you should know how to find your way without one….mumble…..mumble…wear your life jacket.