The second best day

They say the two best days in a boat owners life are the day he buys a boat, and the day he sells it.  I’ve done both and not felt that way, but this time I have to admit a bit of relief.

You may recall a few posts back in my “3 year anniversary” post where I outlined steps for success in getting some boat progress.  Step 1 was getting the Sunfish off my “to-do” list.  I’m happy to say the task is complete.  I posted the ad on Craigslist Sunday night, by Saturday at 11:30 am  I had a firm commitment by someone to come get it, and by 3 pm she was gone.  I suspect offering it for free may have had something to do with how fast she went, but at least she’s going to a good home.  Howard in Slaughter Beach, Delaware has a Sunfish fleet of about 20 boats and said that every year he fixes up a couple of Sunfish and gets someone new sailing in it.  I’m very happy about how that worked out.

Sunfish Departure

Since Mrs. G at Boca Ciega Yacht Club had been so nice to give me the Sunfish I do feel bad about not following through and finishing the job.  Unfortunately, work, sailing and the Catalina 22 have sort of taken over my priorities.  I am in a very different place when I got the boat originally, so sometimes you have to re-prioritize.  This is one of those times.

Next step in getting the Catalina 22 ready is to get those darn Keel weldments glassed in!  I was going to go the professional route, but this weekend at the West River Sailing Club annual meeting I got an offer of help!  So stay tuned, we’ll make progress there  – soon I hope.

Speaking of WRSC, here is a picture from the roof while I was at the fall cleanup day.  It sure is a beautiful place.

Fall cleanup day at WRSC - view from the roof

Fall cleanup day at WRSC – view from the roof



Book Review – Click Millionaires: Work Less, Live More with an Internet Business You Love


I read a lot.  A heck-uv-a-lot.  I’ve been known to start reading a book on the commute home and stay up all night reading till I’ve completed it.   About a year ago I bought a laptop for work, and Dell tossed in a small tablet  (a “Venue” 7 inch) with the package.  I wasn’t expecting much but I sure have enjoyed it.  It has a full android operating system, so it has the clock, browser, games, etc. and the “Kindle” ebook reader app.  Definitely love that Kindle app.

Dell Venu 7 tablet

Dell Venu 7 tablet

I did a lot of searches for “Free science fiction download” and read a ton of Sci-Fi. (Tor is a great source for free and pay fiction)  I found out that the typical business model is to get Book 1 of a series for free, and the author hopes you like it enough to buy books 2,3,4,5, 6 & 7!  (I’ve done this, but only once!)

Recently, I discovered that my local library website has the capability to let me borrow e-books using the tablet.  Since then I have about 100 books in my queue.  I can have 10 checked out at any one time, I get them for 2 weeks, and they automatically “Return”.  No more late fees!  It even has the ability to automatically check out a book for me when something on my hold list becomes available.  Plus, the variety is pretty wide.  I have 2 main categories I like.  Non-Fiction & Science Fiction.  In Non-Fiction I tend to stick with business, history, and biographies (and sailboat repair of course!)

A book I recently finished is “Click Millionaires” by Scott Fox.

Click Millionaires

Click Millionaires

He had some great advice about setting up a website that fills a niche and provides income.  The main point of the book is that all you need is enough interest in a particular niche topic to provide other people interested in it with quality information and services.   I develop large enterprise web applications for a living, so the thought of having one of my own making me money without me commuting to the job is definitely appealing.

The book is full of practical advice and places to get more information and support.  To me, this did not come across as a hard sell.  I’ve read other books in this genre, and wound up feeling that all I did was read a very long commercial.  In the case of Click Millionaires, it really just feels like an extensive list of directions.

Unfortunately, the book has already returned itself.  I am actually considering buying it (gasp) to have it around to refer to.  A good bit of the book is devoted to deciding what niche to occupy, and then how to come up with meaningful content that has people coming back to visit the site.

Also, from what I remember, these niche websites can generate income by

  1. advertising and “clicks”
  2. subscriptions
  3. products  (ebooks, consumer products, consulting fees etc.)

First build your audience with valuable content, then convert them to customers with products that they want and need.  There were lots of examples of successful niche websites, so it seems withing a normal persons ability to do.

For a brief (very brief) moment I did consider that maybe the CapnRehab site might evolve into something like a niche website, but I think that the niche of my family, friends, and a few sailing bloggers that I’ve enticed over here might be a wee bit small of a customer base to support the lavish lifestyle I’d like to become accustomed to.  Instead, I’ve got business website that’s coming along and has actually made it’s first dollar before the site is even operational.  Very excited about that!

In summary, if you’re at all interested in having a website that makes you money then I think you owe it to yourself to read this book.  If you do, let me know that you did and how it’s going!


Cool science

I’m so excited about what is going on in the world.  Sure, we can focus on terrorism and all the bad things, but don’t lose sight of the incredible breakthroughs happening all over the place.  (I’ll have more on that in later posts)

Here are a couple of examples:

Scientists at the Vienna University of Technology have done something amazing with quantum physics and photons.  I don’t claim to understand it, but it involves linking photons and changing a photon’s state in a binary manner.  They are even talking about light based transistors for quantum computers.  Can you say “super tiny computer”?

2014_11_03-photon linking

In another case, scientists at Columbia Engineering and the Georgia Institute of Technology have created the world’s thinnest electric generator.  In the article it says “This material – just a single layer of atoms – could be made as a wearable device, perhaps integrated into clothing, to convert energy from your body movement to electricity and power wearable sensors or medical devices, or perhaps supply enough energy to charge your cell phone in your pocket,”

Smallest generator

Smallest generator


Imaging that!  Put these two together and you get electric generators 1 atom thick, powering computers with transistors one atom thick.  Now that’s very possibly might lead to essentially free computing power. They also say this could be incorporated into a wearable device – so your clothing could power your mobile electronics.

(what if they get incorporated into sailboat rigging, or some other boat part, and the motion of the wind and waves generates all the electricity needed to live on board, basically free – pretty cool idea)

This could lead anywhere, and they aren’t isolated cases.  We are about to see an explosion of new ideas, new technology.  You may think the internet has changed things, but I think we haven’t seen anything yet.  The world is going to change in ways we can’t even imagine now (and soon).  I count myself lucky to be alive at this moment in time, I hope you do to.


3 Year Anniversary

My how time flies.  As of today this blog has been around for 3 years.  I haven’t accomplished anything major with it, but I’ve kept in touch with family and friends, and made new ones (like “Curtis in Alaska” and the “Stingy Sailor”).  I’ve done almost 200 posts and had them read almost 13,000 times.

I thought this blog was going to be about restoring my first sailboat, but it’s turned out to be more about things I’m interested in and what I’m up to.  (Which has MOSTLY been sailing)

I wound up selling that first boat, and have been given 3 more.  I gave one of those away, and the other two of which are in the process of repair in my garage.

I’ve long been a person that likes to do things myself, and I consider “puttering”  in the garage and drinking beer a fun afternoon.  It’s even more fun when a boat is involved.  Jobs, moves, work and sailing have all colluded to keep me out of the garage.  The thought of taking something to a professional has always been like admitting defeat.  There is the cost to consider as well, you can pay to get one job done, or get the parts and supplies and do many more by using your own labor.

Unfortunately, I’ve reached a point in both boats where I don’t think I can proceed without help.  I’m also working 2 jobs and starting a web related business.  I will have less time this winter than I’ve had this summer (But about the same as last winter).  If I don’t do something different, nothing is going to change and I won’t ever have a boat.  So now it’s time for a change.

So here is what I’m going to do:

  1. Give away the Sunfish.  I am keeping the trailer and am considering modifying it to hold 2 sunfish and just buying them in working condition.
  2. Get professional help on the Catalina 22 to
    1. Get the Keel weldments fiberglassed in
    2. Patch a hole in the deck where a cleat was ripped out
    3. Sand and paint the bottom.
  3. Refinish the Catalina 22 Keel myself (probably in the spring)
  4. Do the rest of the Catalina 22 repairs as soon as possible

So stay tuned, but don’t hold your breath for me to be sailing my own boat.  I will, however, be doing other interesting (to me) stuff which of course I’ll write about here.

Part of what slowed me down was twisting my ankle while jogging.  That was 5 weeks ago and I’m just now walking without aid.  I hated using crutches so I got myself an iWalk 2.0 peg leg, which is pretty nice in that you can carry things in your hands, and beats crutches by a long mile, but still isn’t as great as being healthy.




So naturally I was a pirate for Halloween.  Mrs. CapnRehab was my pirate wench!

See the parrot?  That bird is going sailing with me someday.

I'm a pirate

I’m a pirate