Jet Lev ride accomplished!

I did it.  Went to the Tradewinds resort here on St. Pete beach and signed the “I won’t sue you if I die” waiver.  Boy, that really instills confidence in someone about to try something completely new doesn’t it?

After a short jet ski ride out to the pontoon boat,  I waited while my work buddy took his ride (That’s him sitting on the bench to the left).  Then it was my turn, so I suited up.

CapnRehab ready to JetLev

CapnRehab ready to JetLev

You can see more pictures at, but hurry, they will only be there till July 31, 2012.

I have a video to prove I actually went through with it.  See that black square on the top front of my helmet?  That’s the GoPro Camera mount.  I made a movie, but when I tried to upload it to Vimeo, I was over twice the size limit.  I will eventually do another cut, but you’ll have to wait for it.

The JetLev was fun to do, but the seat was so uncomfortable on CapnRehab’s private parts, that it was hard to actually relax and enjoy the experience. I don’t recommend it if you intend to have kids in the future.  Oh, and doing a power dive into the water like a jet fighter pealing off to attack made me a little hesitant to start up again.  But of course I did.

We won’t be repeating this experience, but our search for the KiteBoard kite may bear some fruit.  Stay tuned.


I want a kiteboarding learning kite

The next step to learning how to kiteboard is learning how to fly the kite.

I posted today on craigslist to see if I could get one used.  Visualize!

How to Stay Afloat when your boat is sinking

I follow “Zero to Cruising“, a blog by some very interesting and active cruisers that started with no sailing experience at all, just a desire to sail.  He mentioned this in a post about through hulls (holes in the hull for various functions).  It’s a kind of goop that you use if you have an unwanted hole in your boat that is letting unwanted water in.  It seems like you should have this in any boat you go out on.

CapnRehab’s first wakeboard lesson

The evolution of an adventure.

I had the last post about going to McCormick’s Ski Park in my draft post folder for the last week.  But events kind of overtook me before I could get it out there.  Here is what happened.

I’ve been thinking about going to the Ski Park since I saw it from the plane  coming into Tampa International about 3 months ago.  That was just general thinking/wondering about it.
(No action/no results.)

In the meantime I’ve been lusting after KiteBoarding.  Even went down to the skyway bridge on a windy day to watch people doing it.  It turns out kiteboarding is
1) Flying the kite
2) Riding the board
3) Putting them together

A month ago I saw the ski park again from the air.  That’ triggered more thinking.  This time I went online and googled it, finding the McCormick web page.
(Little action/no results.)

Last week, I mentioned it to a guy at work and he said he would go with me.
(Little action/ still no results)

This Friday I stopped by the SkiPark since I was driving by on my way to Orlando.  The ski park is on the other side of Tampa from where I live and work.  I almost didn’t.  Traffic was heavy, rain was threatening, I was hot, I was late, etc. etc. etc.  I put that all aside and took the detour over to the park.

When I got there and asked for more info on the park and how to get lessons.  The clerk suggested I go down to the learning cable and ask the operator there.  I got there just as the last kids where leaving.  No one else was there but me and the instructor (Paul).  He said the way it worked is you buy a park pass, rent a helmet, board and life vest, and then come down and he would give me pointers.  Nothing complicated about that.  It was just me and Paul there, with 2 hours left till the park closes.  It took about a 30 seconds.  I decided not to wait to go with the guy from work.  I changed into swim trunks and started wakeboarding!
(Big action/Big Results!)

2012-07-13 CapnRehab's First Wakeboard experience

2012-07-13 CapnRehab’s First Wakeboard experience

In this picture I’m on the learning wire which goes to the end and back under the control of the instructor.  In the background you can see the big lake with a wire that continuously goes clockwise around the lake.  It can have 9 people on at one time, evenly spaced around the lake.   It has ramps, jumps, etc.  Looks like a lot of fun.

At the end of two hours of instruction, here is what I can do.  In the second run you can see me switch from one foot forward to the other.

But boy am I stiff in the arms, shoulders, and back today!  Time for some vitamin A (Advil)

A big thank you to Paul over there at the park.  He was amazing, giving directions in an easy to understand manner, with full commitment to having me getting the best experience and developing as much as I could.  He was great!  He was very modest saying someone showed him in the beginning and he was just passing it on.  A really great guy.

Plastic in the Pacific

If you haven’t heard of the Pacific Gyre or the Pacific Gargage Dump, please watch this video.  Heck, watch it anyway, it’s only 7 minutes.

Think of all the things that come in plastic.  Food containers, products, shopping bags, soda cups, straws, kitchen appliances, computers, toys, sports equipment.  The list goes on and on.  Plastic is so versatile and useful.  Too bad it’s so bad for our environment.

I’ll leave you with one question.  Does it make sense to make a disposable, one time use item out of a permanent material?