My Blog is one year old!

Actually, it’s a little older than that.  My anniversary was Nov 1, and somehow I had in my head it was Nov 11.

I don’t usually check, but I thought I’d share some of my numbers.

120 Posts

3,758 views all time

185 views on my busiest day (July 10, 2012)

112 highest number of comments by a single person (OK, that’s me so it doesn’t really count)

31 highest number of comments by an actual reader

41 highest number of refers by another sailing blog (

25 number of blog followers (plus a few more that are using the rss feed that aren’t in that count)

320 number of views of my top post (First Time in a  Sunfish Sailboat)

2012-11-10 CapnRehabStats

2012-11-10 CapnRehabStats

Clearly, I’m not doing this for the fame or fortune.  But I’m surprised I’ve had so many views.  I really like that it’s a way for my friends to keep track of me and to make new friends.

I was asked if I’m going to keep it up once I move North.  The answer is yes, I like it so I’m going to keep doing it.  I’m moving into a big old house with a lot of rehab projects, and you can be darn sure I’m getting another sailboat, so stay tuned for further adventures of CAPN REHAB!



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