Lost Numbers

I had to rehab my phone.  My Samsung Charge recently decided to lose all my phone numbers. Apparently the backup wasn’t working either.  I was able to load a backup from a few years ago.  Warning if you have one.  It seems that this happens to a log of people.

I’ve pretty much lost all my contacts from Florida.  If you have my number, AND you want to stay in contact …  please text me with your name and I’ll put you back in my contacts list.  Better yet, give me a call and let me know what you’re up to.  I’ve been meaning to call, but you know how busy things get…

I have a samsung S3 now. This thing is pretty nice, especially the speech recognition.

I’ve got the new phone linked with my Google contacts now, so I won’t lose them again – but Google will know all about you now.  Who am I kidding, they already know.