Made it to Georgia.

Made it thru south Carolina and now in Georgia.  With the extra drag from the kayaks I’m only making 11.8 miles per gallon!

Going past my cousin’s place soon. Cuz, I hope to stop by on the way back. No time today.



I missed the state welcome sign, so here is a poor substitute of a highway sign. I think its only 110 miles to my beloved Florida.

Florida Bound (for real this time)

So work got in the way of my plans to head south and I had to postpone. Not anymore! The job that must not be named is over for good and I’m free at last. Florida here I come!!!!


I’m taking two kayaks, a windsurfer, a bunch of tools (you’ll see why later) lots of board games and a universal gym.  I feel a bit like the Beverly hillbillies.

Still up north

Hi all,

I’m still hanging around up north, the job that must not be named just won’t let me go.  Last 2 weeks I’ve put in over 100 hrs, and the 2 weeks before that weren’t much better.  Got great news today, last day of the contract is next Wednesday so a little packing up and I’m outta here!

Meanwhile, here are samples of the non-Florida weather I got to enjoy while missing my departure date.

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

6 inches of snow

6 inches of snow

CapnRehab is Florida Bound!

I’ve had enough of this for a while:



No time for my blog, because I’ve been working like a

Working like a dog!

I’m heading to Orlando for a month, sailing is definitely in my near future!

I hope to make a few visits to my friends in Tampa.  Let me know if you want to sail with me.

My truck is going to be loaded down with 2 kayaks, 1 windsurfer, a bike, and a bunch of tools for projects around the house in Orlando.

I see umbrella drinks, hot tubs, pools, and outdoor water adventures ahead, woo hoo!

Items on my vacation list are:

  • Surf lessons at Typhoon Lagoon
  • Indoor skydiving
  • Wake Boarding
  • McCormick Ski Park
  • Kayaking
  • Windsurfing