Winter storm – Winter blues

I’ve not been adjusting well to winter here in Maryland – and it’s been a mild winter.  Mild until last weekend that is.   I sure miss warm weather and Florida.  I’m trying to make a brave front of it, and I’m going to embrace sailing on the Chesapeake in cold weather by making sure I dress warm.  But I’m not sure I’ll ever love it.  Did I mention how much I miss Florida?

This is what I woke up to last Sunday.

About 2 feet of snow

Plenty of snow

Winter storm Jonas visited us and gave us our first snow of the season.  Mrs. CapnRehab was stuck at home by the storm without any project supplies and wound up extremely bored.  She is a “slightly” energetic person, and in her enthusiasm to do something she decided to get outside and shovel snow.  She did a great job on the sidewalk:

Mrs. CapnRehab - snow shoveling pro

Mrs. CapnRehab – snow shoveling pro

A snowplow driver usually stops by and I pay to plow the drive.  This time I guess they were so busy they couldn’t bother with our street.  Then she got the idea to shovel the whole 100+ foot driveway.  She got me enrolled in the project, so we took turns with our one snow shovel.  It was actually pretty nice to be out on a crisp sunny day, with the woman I love enjoying the time together.  We didn’t need many layers because the shoveling kept us warm.  Look at that smile! .

Getting started on the driveway

Getting started on the driveway

Note we need to go all the way past those buried cars to the street.

A little progress

A little progress

A little more

A little more

These pictures don’t really do justice to how much shoveling we did.  It was a lot!  Naturally I forgot to take an “after” picture.  Forgot to take a snow selfie too.  See what winter does to me?



18 thoughts on “Winter storm – Winter blues

    • Thanks! I appreciate the encouragement.

      Your comment was waiting for approval, so I did that. It also has a note “Un-spammed by gregwp”. No other comments have that, not sure what itmeans.

      • Awesome, thanks for looking into it! I think wordpress marked little old me as a spammer. Clearly, I’m not. Yeah—I feel like we are almost there into Spring but as T.S. Eliot said, “April is the cruelest of months.”

  1. I went to college in Chestertown, but I grew up in Upstate NY, and am living in Wisconsin for a year — so it’s strange to see all that snow in Maryland, when my hometown and Milwaukee are pretty snow-free right now. 100 feet is a long way to go with one shovel! Speaking from experience. Hang in there.

    • I spent two weeks in Madison many years ago. Was doing a class at the college. Was a fun time. Thanks for the encouragement. Waiting and hoping I can make it to sailing weather…

      • Have you considered an ice boat? Just kidding. Actually I’ve got bronchitis and am coughing my brains out right now, extremely ready for spring. Reading your boat stuff is great escapism for me, right now, and maybe when I’m back in the Finger Lakes, I can find a cheap boat for sale!

      • Very funny. Actually, if it froze solid around here I might do it. What’s not to like about going screaming fast across a lake powered by the wind? But we live on the *ss crack of winter. Most of the time a storm will bring snow to the north of us and rain to the south and we get a mix of freezing rain and sleet. I hate that I’m such a wimp about winter, but I really REALLY like the sun.

        Be careful about getting a cheap boat. They’re kind of like a horse. It’s easy to get one cheap but the upkeep will kill you.

        I’m really enjoying your posts, you really have a way of telling a great story. I hope you’ll write history books in the future, I’m sure they’ll be very interesting.

      • Thank you. I’ve been going back, and reading your articles from 2011 first. Probably not getting a boat in the immediate future, may be going overseas for a year or two. But nice to kick it around in my head.
        Back 200 years ago, they had a lot of cold winters, ice on Charleston harbor, etc. and the fastest travel on the continent was an ice boat on the Hudson. That would be pretty cool, Albany to NYC on ice.

      • Well if you’re in the DC area let me know. If it’s sailing season we’ll go out and sail on the big boat, if it’s not we can stay in and work on the little boat ;^)

    • Ha ha, nope. Might have had my mind on some adult refreshment once we got inside. Was actually feeling pretty good. Just a little soreness in the elbow. Sorry so say I have a pretty good shoveling technique. Wish I had a better fiberglassing technique!

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