Yet Another Outboard motor stand

You may not have followed this blog long enough to know that back in 2011 I built a motor stand. Then I built another motor stand. It’s hard to believe that was four years ago!

I sold the first motor stand along with my first rehab sailboat and the second is still in service holding up the motor for the Catalina 22.  Now that I own yet another boat with another motor I need yet another motor stand!  From my vast experience with motor stand building this one went very easily.

Parts and tools for the motor stand.  This took three eight foot 2 x 4 boards, some nails, some leg screws and four wheels. I forgot to include a drill and circular saw in this picture.

parts and tools for motor stand

First I built the two frames using nails. It’s hard to tell from this picture, but the vertical frame has the horizontal boards sandwiched between the two vertical boards.

2015-12-05 14.26.55

The long vertical boards are 44 inches high, the horizontal board that holds the motor is 22 inches wide.

The boards that will be parallel with the floor are 35 inches and of course 22 inches wide.

Next I nailed the frame that will be the horizontal bottom frame into the vertical frame.


2015-12-05 14.37.17

Next I grabbed a scrap of plywood and cut to side supports. The size and angle isn’t that important it just has to support the vertical frame from wobbling back-and-forth.

2015-12-05 14.49.31


I got the wheels with brakes so they were a little more expensive.  These were pre-drilled and then screwed in with lag bolts. There is a minor wheels/no wheels debate out there on the net. I built one with and one without before, I still have the one without and I definitely preferred the wheels. Space is at a minimum in my garage and I have to move things around quite a bit. If you have a dedicated space then maybe you don’t need wheels.

2015-12-05 16.07.33

It was a bit chilly so I fired up the propane double burner.

2015-12-05 16.20.15

Total cost was about 25 bucks. Whenever I build a project I get extra screws or nails or whatever so I actually bought an entire box of washers and lag screws. Then I didn’t even use the washers!  That added another 25 bucks to the total cost but I can’t count that against the motor stand can I?

Total build time about an hour, maybe less. Plus a trip to Home Depot.


4 thoughts on “Yet Another Outboard motor stand

  1. CapnRehab,
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!
    I have not replied to many of these posts because word press makes me fill out all my contact info each time.
    Gave you considered a facebook page? Or can you tell me how to use this one???

    • Create a WordPress login, set it to stay logged in. (You probably should have a blog for captain Celeste stuff anyway.) Then when you go to comment, WordPress will recognize you and automatically use your word press account as contact info. No more filling in contact details for every comment!

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