Instant wet tool extraction kit

During last weekend’s adventure of putting the boat on the trailer, I managed to drop a wrench (a closed end ratcheting box wrench) in the water. Perhaps it was due to my nervousness, maybe I was feeling a little bit clumsy, I don’t know. It just slipped right out of my hand. I felt pretty bad because it was Pete’s wrench, not mine

Fortunately the water was clear (unusually) and I could see the wrench laying on the bottom. It was a little too deep to reach down into water and get it, and a little too cold to jump in and get it, so I had to figure out another way. I had a boat hook and toolbox and a creative mind. Surely I could come up with something that could retrieve that socket!

The hook part of the boat hook was too big to fit through the socket. I had to find something smaller. Since I brought a bunch of bungee’s to tie the stays to the mast for transport I started thinking about how to use one.  Next I had to attach the hook of the bungee to the end of the boat hook. There were plenty of zip ties available so I grabbed one and yanked it tight. Now I had a handy-dandy instant wet tool extraction device!

In the picture below you can see a leaf sitting on the bottom. It was right next to the wrench. It was great to reach down and hook that socket wrench on the first try! The pictures below are from a reenactment. I retrieved the wrench so fast that it didn’t occur to me to take pictures until it was back on board. No wrenches were harmed in the filming of this important public service announcement.

Wrench Rescue

Wrench Rescue

Here is a close-up so you can admire the fine construction details that went into the making of this quality tool.

Wet tool retrieval device

Wet tool retrieval device

Pete grabbed it and gave it a quick freshwater rinse and put it back in his tool case. For some reason he didn’t let me use wrenches again that night.


3 thoughts on “Instant wet tool extraction kit

  1. Hehe, that’s another reason why I keep diving goggles and fins onboard. Besides for hull inspections and weed clearing, I’ve used them to retrieve rebellious sail battens and a lazarette lock. Glad you were able to get Pete’s wrench back and stay dry.

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