Catalina 22 Keel Eye Bolt Final Fix

I’ve been following a wordpress blog called the “dragon duck“.  He has a philosophy that just putting in a few minutes when he can towards building a boat can result in a lot of progress over time.  So pretty often he’ll post about a little more progress.  I’ve already watched him build one small boat this way and he’s started on two more.  Pretty inspiring.

I can’t commit to any big amount of time to work on my boats, but maybe I can fit in a half hour of relaxing project work here and there.

When we last left this project, I had cut away the rusted iron, drilled a new hole, and tapped new threads for the eye bolt.  But it didn’t line up with the keel when screwed all the way in.


non-parallel eye bolt

Following advice to make sure it is parallel, I got out my trusty keel eye bolt adjusting tools.


keel repair material

keel repair tools

Then applying elbow grease, I filed the high points around the hole.  Stopping every few minutes to check the new fit.  It was kind of exciting to see the final stop point of the bolt advance around the hole till finally about a 1/2 hour later – it was parallel!  Well, almost parallel, I didn’t want to go too far because when it gets the final tightening it should go just a tad further.  If not, I still have the file…

almost parallel

almost parallel

side view

side view

other side view

other side view

Yay!  Keel eye bolt fixed!



12 thoughts on “Catalina 22 Keel Eye Bolt Final Fix

    • I think it was only 30 minutes. It’s a pretty good way to make a bit of progress. I tend to try to block out big chunks of time to do major progress, but that really hasn’t been working out for me lately. I do think I stopped a bit too soon though. I think I need to shave off just a bit more and get that eye bolt totally straight.

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