Obligatory Anniversary Post – 4 years

Hardly seems like 4 years, but there it is.  Hope you’ve enjoyed reading.

This year I wrote 35 posts.  I posted mostly about the non-progress on the keel, but also about a few good books I read and a couple of overnight sailing trips I took with friends.

From all posts in the last 4 years, the top 4 posts have to do with sunfish posts.  Yes, I know I don’t have a Sunfish anymore.  Sorry sunfish people – no more sunfish posts since I gave the boat to a good home this year.

The next popular post is about propane tanks.  NEVER rent your home heating propane tank from a supplier.  It will cost you way more than if you just buy it outright.  Yes I know this post is from 2013.  It’s still useful to know.

At 191 views, the next most popular was about removing the Catalina 22 keel weldments.  Yes, I know, I still haven’t glassed those back in. Yes I know this post was from last year.

I have been a bit overwhelmed by work this year.  I definitely let it get in the way of summer fun, but sometimes you have to give up short term fun for longer term goals.  It’s a bit hard to take as weekend after sunny weekend roles by outside my office window.

Work also got in the way of progress on the Catalina 22, I’m expecting to do a bit better on that next year.    I finished tapping the threads for the keel eyebolt this weekend, that should be the next post.

I’m glad I have a Catalina 25 that I can actually sail, and once spring rolls around I am going to spend a lot more time on the water.

Thanks for coming along for another year.   Now enjoy some pictures from the Catalina 25 last weekend.

Selfie on Catalina 25

Selfie on Catalina 25

Heading out to the West River

Heading out to the West River


Other sailboats outward bound

Other sailboats outward bound



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