Capn NoHab

First, there was captain Ahab and his quest for the great white whale.

Then there was Capn Rehab and his quest to bring a boat back from the dead.

Now there is Capn NoHab who said, “I’m working two jobs and have too many projects on the house, there is no way I’ll be able to put the Catalina 22 by in the water by spring”

And there is Mrs. Capn NoHab who said, “Why don’t you buy a boat you can sail now, then you can fix the 22 later.”  (Is that a great wife, or what?)

Then my truck died and the mechanic said it wasn’t worth fixing.

I turned my attention to craigslist to find a truck, and while I was at it created some alerts for “trailer” in the sailboat section of all the locations around me.  I still want a trailer-able sailboat, because there are so many places around the Chesapeake to go, I didn’t want to be stuck to one location.

I’ve been on the lookout for a Catalina 25 because for those extra 3 feet you get a lot more room than a 22 inside.  I also like that so many of them were built, and that I would still have a lot of community support.  I just didn’t see any show up that were in my price range and seemed interesting.   I did go see a Catalina 22 that was in “great shape ready to go sail”.  Ha!  It’s keel was in worse shape than mine when I started.

After 2 months of looking and a lot of false starts, I found a great truck.

new (to me) truck

new (to me) truck

After looking at it I told the owner I needed to leave, because we were going to see a boat.

PO:  “Oh, I have a boat for sale”.
CapnRehab : What kind?
PO: “A Catalina 25”
CapnRehab: “Oh really, do you have a trailer?”
PO:”Yes, want to come see it?”
CapnNOhab: “Sure!”

By the way, the PO stands for “Previous Owner”

So here is my boat, a 1995 Catalina 250.  Water Ballast, 90lb swing keel.  Draws 21″ when up, 6 feet when down.



I’m going to get to sail it a couple of times before winter shuts me down. (Maybe)  I must have brain damage.

No, I haven’t given up the Catalina 22.  It’s not like my repair progress can go any slower is it?


10 thoughts on “Capn NoHab

  1. I’d come sail in December, but then again I ride my motorcycle in December so I must be crazy! Glad to hear you’ve got a working sail boat; enjoy it and the new (used and very well priced) truck.

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