Bolt arrival and a little surprise

If you read last post, you know I just ordered the keel bolt from McMaster-Carr.  Which is an autoparts supply place mostly, but they have all kinds of stuff.  I ordered on Friday, July 3 and got it Tuesday so that was great. The website doesn’t tell you how much shipping will be when you order, so I didn’t like that part. It was only five dollars, but this is a small order. I’m not sure I would want to order a big shipment and have an unknown fee attached.

I ordered a drill to drill out the old threads, a tap to make new, bigger threads, and a new bolt.

The new bolt is only 3/32 bigger than the previous one, so not much as you can see in this picture of the ends.  The new is on the right. Doesn’t look that much bigger does it?

Old and new bolts

Old and new bolts

Take a look at it from this perspective:

compare old and new keel bolts

compare old and new keel bolts

wow! That was a big surprise when I opened the box. So the new bolt is just a bit bigger than the old one! No wonder it is rated for 5000 pounds!  I may have trouble fitting it in the old spot on the keel. I guess it’s a good thing the keel has already been cut down some in that area.

I also got the drill bit and the tap delivered at the same time.

drill bit, tap & bolt

drill bit, tap & bolt

Looks like it’s time for tapping party. Not sure when I will be able to get to it though 😦


7 thoughts on “Bolt arrival and a little surprise

    • The original bolt is steel. This is steel that is coated for corrosion. I don’t know, does that make a difference?
      Yes, last night I checked it against the keel. The ring is too big. So it’s back to the drawing board. Maybe I can find the same size bolt but with a smaller ring on it.

  1. Holy $#!* That is HUGE! Seems a little unnecessary. Personally I would notch the keel bolt area a little further and re-tap in order to use the original keel bolt.

    • Thanks for the comment Swimfly200. After talking with that well known Catalina parts dealer, that’s what they recommend too. So that’s the way I’m going. Was going to do it today, but instead I’m fixing a crisis at work. New plan is next Sunday.

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