She sails like a bird – Tall Ship Hermione

“She sails like a bird”-quote by Lafayette during the first voyage of Hermione 1780. Go to this link to learn more about the ship.

A few weeks ago we visited the tall ship Hermione. We had planned to sail out and escort her into Annapolis, but it turned out she came in before we could get there. So instead we planned to go up to Annapolis and tour the ship and then head out for day of sailing. The morning started out with almost no wind so we fired up the trustee little 4 hp outboard and headed up to Annapolis.

The trip was pretty uneventful but as we pulled into the harbor we could see Hermione, so we grabbed a mooring ball, called the water taxi and headed over.


There was quite a line, but we had a great time while waiting with a couple of guys from Michigan who had driven there the day before specifically to see the Hermione and then go to a few museums. Chatting and joking with them made the wait very fun. The great thing about waiting in the long line there on the Annapolis Harbor dock under the hot sun was that there are plenty of pubs nearby so we took turns and headed over for a little bit of adult refreshment.

The tour only allows visitors to go on the upper deck, so we didn’t get to go down into the gun deck or crew quarters or anything like that, but it’s still quite interesting. Here is the view looking up the mast:

Main mast

Mast view

we took a few pictures posing with ship components, probably not all that interesting.

CapnRehab driving a stationary ship

CapnRehab driving a stationary ship


Capn “B” driving a capstan

One thing that was very interesting is the size of some of the equipment on this ship. Here is a small cleat


“Small cleat”

notice that it’s the size of about half a person.

And, since I’m on a boat it’s time for selfie. I tried to get red boat in the background, but I don’t think I did so too well since it’s not in the picture.


The wind did a great job of picking up. We were able to sail off the mooring ball and cruise out into the Chesapeake. Once we got out there the wind was honking pretty good and we got quite a heel on the boat. Five hours of fun.  It was a really great sail!


We played “Dodge the tankers” and then saw something pretty interesting. This very large boat was zooming pretty fast up the side of the bay opposite where we were. We sailed over in that direction trying to cut it off to get a look at it, and then it turned 180° and went speeding off in the other direction. At this point we thought we had lost it so I snapped this picture as it was heading away. Right after that it did another 180° turn and headed back up the bay.

A long look through the binoculars revealed that it was the “Reliance“. Capn “B” hailed them on the VHF radio and asked them what they were doing. A very friendly captain responded and told us they were doing engine checks, and that the last turn was then heading back to Baltimore. We had a few more questions and found out that they were a cable laying ship which I thought was pretty interesting.



I’ve experimented with smaller pictures in this post.  Let me know if the quality is too bad or if it’s okay to continue like this. Also let me know if you know of an easy way to make picture sizes smaller. I’m using paint, but it’s a couple of steps.


16 thoughts on “She sails like a bird – Tall Ship Hermione

    • It was a comment on your blog that got me thinking about this. My phone is set at 3264×2448 which is max. (around 8M per photo). I don’t really want to reduce that. I just want an easy way to convert all the pictures for a particular post to 500K so I don’t face the problem of running out of free space any time soon. Sounds like that might do the trick.

  1. Have you tried editing the image properties after you insert a picture and selected a different size? Lots of other useful settings there too: caption, alignment, linking, etc.

    • My thoughts were that there is a total space limit for how much is allowed. I was trying to upload a much smaller picture. I reduced the size of the pictures from a megabyte or more to a few hundred or thousand K dependent on the picture. It seems as though uploading the full picture and then editing it would not affect how much space was being used by.

    • Okay, so you’re concerned with disk space, not visible size. For that reason, I shoot mine at 1600×1200 (2 MP} for posting on my blog, which is more than enough for full-screen viewing if somebody clicks on an unlinked picture. That makes them 400-500K each in the Media Library. After three years and pushing 1,000 photos, I’ve only used 17% of the 3 GB so far so space isn’t a problem. I’ll probably move the blog to a third party host in the next year for other reasons but gaining the ability to organize images will be a definite bonus.

      • I don’t want to reduce my picture sizes when I take them. I was just looking for an easy way to reduce them for the web. It’s taken me 3 years to do 669 photos, but I’m at 40% usage. I think I should be a little concerned, but maybe in another 3 years they’ll up our usage quota, eh?

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