Like a hole in the head

Earlier this week, as I’m wont to do from time to time, I spent a few minutes browsing craigslist.   First, I just went to the “boats” section and looked at all the great boats out there.  I became annoyed with all the powerboats, crab traps, and commercial licenses listed so I narrowed the search to “Sailboat”.  That produced listings for some real beauties.  I also saw a few Catalina 22’s in there ranging in price from $180 to $7,000.   This emboldened me so I narrowed the search even further to “Catalina” and came accross this:

1975 Catalina 22 Sail boat MUST SELL – $900

Who wouldn’t click on a link like this?

image 1

One of the conversations I have been having with Mrs. CapnRehab the last few years goes like this:

Mrs. CapnRehab: When are you going to have the boat ready to sail?
Me: Probably not till next summer.
Mrs. CapnRehab: Oh…

Mrs. CapnRehab: It sure would be nice if you had a boat you could sail now
Me: Sure would.

So as I saw this ad I thought, wow.  I could get this boat – sail it now and fix up the other boat over the winter.  So after a bit of trying to talk myself out of it and failing, I sent this message.

I probably shouldn’t be sending this email, because I need another boat like I need a hole the head.

I have a catalina 22 I’m repairing, but it’s in my garage and wont’ see the water for at least another year, maybe more.
I could buy your boat, but then I’d have two.   HOWEVER, I’d also get to sail this summer in it.
If you’ve already sold the boat, I’m happy for you.  If I buy it I’ll have to explain to my wife why I have 2 boats ..

I also made him a tentative offer for 1/2 what he was listing it for, to make sure he’d say no.  He was ungracious enough to txt me this reply.



So apparently not wanting something is a very effective negotiation technique.

I went out to see her this morning.  Thankfully, other than having an attached keel, it isn’t in any better shape than my boat.

attached keel, so that's what they look like!

attached keel, so that’s what they look like!

I also noticed his keel lifting cable hose was new.  Now that’s putting your money where it will do the most good.  This is a critical piece of the lift assembly.  If this fails, your boat is not a boat anymore.  It’s a sieve.  It also looks like that’s not a marine grade hose.  I think that makes a difference.

new keel hose

new keel hose

One interesting thing about this boat is that is has been filled with foam for flotation.   That sure cuts down on storage.  I’ve seen people rehabbing boats take this out.  I guess if you spring a leak and you don’t have it, boat sinks completely?  Anybody know the scoop on this?

Filled with flotation foam

Filled with flotation foam

Bottom line is that this is just another project boat.   I told him no thanks.

With a big sigh of relief at having sidestepped a bullet, I headed down to the marina.  It was a beautiful sunny day.  Perfect for small boat sailing and lots of boats were going out.

Sailing on the Potomac near Washington DC

Sailing on the Potomac near Washington DC

Can you spot the Washington monument in this picture?  You’ll have to zoom in a bunch to see it.

Hope you have a great Memorial day weekend and don’t forget why we have this holiday.


7 thoughts on “Like a hole in the head

    • You’re absolutely right. I’m working so much now I don’t even have time to sail, let alone work on projects. And I’ll always choose sail over projects any day.

  1. Keep up the good work on the project; you’ll have it in the water soon, and it will be absolutely worth it.

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