Work on the Rehabitat – Well Sediment Filter

You may be asking yourself, “Self, why does it take CapnRehab so long to do basic boatwork?”  Well, you’re probably not, but it’s something I ask myself pretty often.  The answer is pretty simple.  It’s a mix between “I’d rather watch that next episode of the ‘The Walking Dead’ “, I have to work, I’d rather read a book, I’d rather sleep, It’s too darn cold, etc. etc. blah, blah, blah.

Mrs. CapnRehab also has this nasty habit of saying something like “I’d like to get ____ done this weekend”.   It took me a while to figure out, that what she is really saying is that she’d like ME to get ____ done this weekend.  I may be slow, but I’m not stup….,  well let’s just leave it at “yeah, I may be slow”.

One other reason for boat project delay is there are a lot of projects pending on the Rehabitat.  As you may remember, there was the “Project that must not be named” last year.  That took up the whole year and did serious damage to my desire to do any other home projects.  Since then, I’ve been knocking them off here and there, but definitely not at a consistent pace.

As you may remember, at one point I posted that I was going to put in a new whole house sediment filter.  (Oh wow, I just checked and that was 2 years ago! – see excuses above)

The rehabitat is on a well, and the pump brings up little bits of rocks and other gunk that if not caught wind up in those little screens that sink, shower, and appliances have in them.

Here is the old scary sediment filter.  That black cylinder below the blue part is supposed to be white!  No way was I going to hook that back up.

Filter closeup

Filter closeup

After the issues I had putting in a shower faucet in January, I decided to do this one in CPVC.  WAY easier to work with.  Here are the plans I drew out.

sediment filter plan

sediment filter plan

Under construction.  Notice the nice clean workbench.  It has been so long since I had a setup for my tools.  Makes finding them very easy.  Notice that bench?  I built sometime around 1994.  I’ve hauled it across Maryland, down to Florida, back to Maryland and across Maryland again.  Still sturdy after more than 20 years!

sediment filter under construction

sediment filter under construction

And here is the final installation.  The existing pipes left me with not much space.  Sorry the picture is a bit blurry.  I really had to finagle the metal mount.  Tip: If you get a whole house water filter, don’t buy one without the wall mount.

Note: Yes, the filter is black here.  That is not gunk.  It’s a new filter.

sediment filter installed

sediment filter installed

After only a few struggles to stop an annoying leak or two, it was in operation.  Look at the junk it’s saving us from!

filtered sediment

filtered sediment


2 thoughts on “Work on the Rehabitat – Well Sediment Filter

  1. Nice work. We are on a whole house filter too since we are on well water. Our water pressure dropped here in the last month. I thought it was the pressure tank. I drained the tank and inflated the bladder. That didn’t help the situation. I was at he limits of my plumbing knowledge. I called a plumber. For $130 he changed the filter for us. I won’t make that mistake again. Check your filter regularly. Replace as needed. Lesson learned.

    • That’s life for you. First the test and then the lesson. That reminds me of the joke that the guy can’t start his car so he calls a mechanic. The mechanic charges a guy $100 then looks under the hood, takes a hammer and bangs it on something. The car starts up. The man is angry that he paid $100 for a knock with a hammer. The mechanic says, “Nope, you only paid a $1 for that. You paid $99 for me knowing where to hit it”

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