Catalina 22 – Keel repair continues – needle scaling done

We had a 50 degree sunny Sunday this weekend, and that meant it was time to haul out the keel and start banging away on it.

The first side of the keel came clean pretty easily, but side two was a real pain.  The needle scaler seems no longer able to cut through very effectively, maybe this side simply had not deteriorated as much as the other.

Needle Scaler no go

Needle Scaler no go

While holding the scaler as it barely made an impact I had time to think about it.  It looked like quite an edge between the old material and the keel, so I thought maybe a chisel and sledge hammer (small 4 lb) might work.

Hammer & Chisel

Hammer & Chisel

This did pretty well, but only in some areas, and was quite tiring.  So I went back to using the needle scaler and thinking again.  Then I had a brilliant (to me) idea.  I remembered that somewhere in my tools there was an air chisel.  I’d never thought to use it before because I was told the needle scaler was the way to go.  So I dug around and found it, plugged it in and it was like a hot knife through butter!  Woo hoo!

air chisel

air chisel – the wonder tool

All told it took me about 7 hours.  Now I have  a keel ready for sandblasting, and I’ve found someone that will do it for $130 and hour.  I hope it doesn’t take long!

I thought I might glass in the weldments this weekend, but with a daytime high temp on Sunday of 17F it may be time to stay inside and read a book by the fire.

Stay warm!


4 thoughts on “Catalina 22 – Keel repair continues – needle scaling done

  1. It’s nice when those terribly messy phases are completed and you can move on to a fresh coat of primer, etc… I did what you’re doing to a Folkboat’s ballast keel and had excellent results, post sandblasting, by prepping w/ a belt sander w/ 36 grit paper just before priming with Pettit 6980 rustlok primer.

  2. CapnRehab,
    Sandblasting is not hard at all.
    Messy, but not all that much skill needed for an object made of heavy metal.
    And you can rent the equipment.

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