Cool science

I’m so excited about what is going on in the world.  Sure, we can focus on terrorism and all the bad things, but don’t lose sight of the incredible breakthroughs happening all over the place.  (I’ll have more on that in later posts)

Here are a couple of examples:

Scientists at the Vienna University of Technology have done something amazing with quantum physics and photons.  I don’t claim to understand it, but it involves linking photons and changing a photon’s state in a binary manner.  They are even talking about light based transistors for quantum computers.  Can you say “super tiny computer”?

2014_11_03-photon linking

In another case, scientists at Columbia Engineering and the Georgia Institute of Technology have created the world’s thinnest electric generator.  In the article it says “This material – just a single layer of atoms – could be made as a wearable device, perhaps integrated into clothing, to convert energy from your body movement to electricity and power wearable sensors or medical devices, or perhaps supply enough energy to charge your cell phone in your pocket,”

Smallest generator

Smallest generator


Imaging that!  Put these two together and you get electric generators 1 atom thick, powering computers with transistors one atom thick.  Now that’s very possibly might lead to essentially free computing power. They also say this could be incorporated into a wearable device – so your clothing could power your mobile electronics.

(what if they get incorporated into sailboat rigging, or some other boat part, and the motion of the wind and waves generates all the electricity needed to live on board, basically free – pretty cool idea)

This could lead anywhere, and they aren’t isolated cases.  We are about to see an explosion of new ideas, new technology.  You may think the internet has changed things, but I think we haven’t seen anything yet.  The world is going to change in ways we can’t even imagine now (and soon).  I count myself lucky to be alive at this moment in time, I hope you do to.



4 thoughts on “Cool science

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I agree, most people can not imagine what is to come. I do. I sit in quite anticipation of the greatness of it all…..get ready for the ride!

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