Book Review – The Maker Movement by Mark Hatch

This book got me so excited about the opportunities available for making stuff, inventing new things, and starting your own business.

The Maker Movement Book Cover

The Maker Movement Book Cover

It is mostly a book of anecdotes about projects people have done at Techshop and business that have been created.  Some were by design, some were by accident.

The main point of the book is that never before has so much power been in the hands of normal people (Not just big business with big bucks).  There is software that does incredible stuff that used to be done manually or not at all.  Machines are cheaper than ever before.  Combine the two and add creative people and watch what their imagination can create.

Another main point is that more is created when people get together to form communities, and that by sharing what we do and what we know so much more can be accomplished than if everybody tries to hoard their knowledge and abilities.

The author is the CEO of Techshop.  There are 8 of them in the country.

San Carlos, CA
San Francisco, CA
San Jose, CA
Allen Park, MI (Detroit)
Austin-Round Rock
Chandler, AZ
Arlington, VA (Washington, DC)

Two more are in the works:
St. Louis , MO
Los Angeles, CA

Techshop is a pretty amazing place with so many tools all in one place.  The great thing is that once you join you have access to all of them.  Of course you have to take a basic use and safety class per machine but then you can make whatever you want on it. Unfortunately each class is around $60, so actually getting to use all the machines could end up costing quite a few bucks. Even so, the machines!  Laser cutters, 3D printers, injection molders, vacuum forming system, computer controlled cutting machines for wood & metal, water jet cutter, welding, industrial sewing machines, full electronics workbench, bicycle shop.  Anything a budding inventor (or expert ones too) could want.

I’m fortunate that one is not that far away from me (DC-Arlington).  I took a tour last Friday and enjoyed it so much I joined this weekend.  Now my only problem will be finding time to go and do stuff!




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