The Catalina 22 is hull #686!

While doing an inventory of the equipment that came with the boat I came across a couple of sail bags.  On opening them I discovered the sails are in pretty good condition.  I think they are the original sails.  This is the main.  Inside the red diamond and just above the “22” you can see a slight orange shadow where the Catalina “C” has fallen off.  I will need to get some sail battens (fiberglass rods that go into those horizontal pockets above the red diamond and below the numbers).  The battens help the sail attain the correct shape.

Sail # 686

Sail # 686

Over 10,000 Catalina 22′ boats have built.  This is a very early one.

It also has a 110% jib and a 150% genoa.  Wow, that saves me $1100 for the main, and $650 for the 110% jib.  The 150% isn’t even available.  Too bad there isn’t a spinnaker.  Those make going downwind fun.  At $700 it will be a while before I get one of those.

Moving the boat inside was just the catalyst I needed to get me excited about the project.


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