Yo Ho! Yo Ho! A catamaraner’s life for me!

On Tuesday nights a catamaran club sails out of the WRSC headquarters.  It is an official group, the West River Catamaran Raicing Association. (WRCRA).  They are a very friendly group of people with the attitude of winning is fun, but it isn’t everything.  Let’s race, see if we can improve, and then let’s go have a beer.  Just my style.

Yesterday I went sailing on a Nacra 20 catamaran with a great skipper.    Fun loving, very encouraging – a really nice guy.

Going sailing!

Going sailing!

Wow, what fun!  The wind was going pretty well, and heading downwind we put the spinnaker out and were roaring along at somewhere around 20 mph, maybe more.  At one point an error was made (skipper says it wasn’t mine) and we capsized.  A bit of climbing, leaning and then scrambling aboard and the boat was back up and we were sailing again.  I think there were about 8 boats out, and 3 or 4 of them went over – so we weren’t special.  The wind was definitely up.

Last week I went down to see if I could catch a ride, but none of the boats needed a newbie crew.  I went to the starting line and snapped a few pictures after the first short leg of the race.

last week's catamaran race

last week’s catamaran race

My current schedule for racing is Tuesday night catamarans and Wednesday night big boat.  I’m considering joining the WRSC shared boat program to race Lasers on Friday nights, but I’m not sure I have the stamina!


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