Lost Numbers

I had to rehab my phone.  My Samsung Charge recently decided to lose all my phone numbers. Apparently the backup wasn’t working either.  I was able to load a backup from a few years ago.  Warning if you have one.  It seems that this happens to a log of people.

I’ve pretty much lost all my contacts from Florida.  If you have my number, AND you want to stay in contact …  please text me with your name and I’ll put you back in my contacts list.  Better yet, give me a call and let me know what you’re up to.  I’ve been meaning to call, but you know how busy things get…

I have a samsung S3 now. This thing is pretty nice, especially the speech recognition.

I’ve got the new phone linked with my Google contacts now, so I won’t lose them again – but Google will know all about you now.  Who am I kidding, they already know.


6 thoughts on “Lost Numbers

  1. Oh my Brad – you were far behind but caught up quickly… The eldest son and I had the Charge for a long time (3 years?) as well but they got so bogged down with the heavy usage of the technology that we had to upgrade early this year. I also went with the S3 because I could get one on eBay – if I got a new one, which Verizon was more than happy to do, I would have lost the unlimited data plan that we are still grandfathered into!

    The Charge was a Droid (Google) phone too, so how did you mess up and lose your contacts dude? That is not very captainly. 😉 Just FYI… besides keeping your Google contacts together, it is easy to add a contact as a “phone only” contact so be careful not to do that, but also make sure you use the FREE Verizon backup software that they put on every phone (like it or not) because that way, even if you change phones and go to an Apple or a Windows Phone, you will get your contacts back. If you are not on Verizon, then you’re on your own!

    • I am happy to know I’m following in your technical footsteps. The numbers I recovered (yours included) actually came from the Verizon backup. It just hadn’t been working for a while.

      Interesting to note that no Florida blog readers have responded yet!

  2. I was going to suggest a Google phone for thevery reason you stated. I lost my phone on the Labor Day weekend Friday and was pretty devastated until someone pointed out the my phone list was on Google’s site. Luckily my phone was returned on Monday so I didn’t have to get another one.

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