Basement insulation

The “Project That Must Not Be Named” continues. I am taking a week of vacation to give a big push to finish. Yesterday’s activity was adding insulation and sealing the a/c ducts.

The basement had a mold problem when we bought the house. One primary cause seems to have been condensation on the air ducts.  So we are sealing the ducts first tape, then a goop (oddly enough called “air duct sealant”, and finally wrapping with insulation. With breathing masks, ladders, and awkward angles and hard to reach places there is only one way to put it. This job sucks.


I can’t wait to get this entire thing completed.


4 thoughts on “Basement insulation

    • My issue was that the air conditioning ducts were not insulated so I had condensation on the ducts.

      I’m not sure why you put a link back to your professional website for basement waterproofing. If you really have an issue you should make your question more clear. For any basement problem you will need to get ventilation in the basement and seal any places where water is leaking in.

  1. I think the secrecy barrier had been breached or at least the firewall has more holes than it used to.
    I’m proud of you for taking it on and seriously appreciative of the fact that it’s you doing it and not me.

    Love and all that mushy stuff,

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