Wheels on the scroll saw stand

I inherited a bunch of power tools from my dad.  (Would rather have you than the tools Dad – miss you)

One of them is a scroll saw and a stand.  The stand didn’t have wheels, and I want to be able to move it around the garage as different needs for space develop.  So I put wheels on it.  Would have been easier if I could have found some wheels that fit the stand directly, but this works.

Here is what I started with:

scroll saw stand without wheels

scroll saw stand without wheels

The wheels are standard home depot stuff.  I cut some 2×4 blocks, then made an x from corner to corner to get the center.  I counter sunk a bolt and then attached the blocks to the stand with a nut and washer.

Wheel close up

Wheel close up

Then I used four lag screws to attach the wheels to the blocks.  Notice that little lever on the side of the wheel?  These are locking wheels, so it should be able to stay in position when using it.

Almost done, this shows all the tools I used.

almost done

almost done

And here is the finished product.

scroll saw on wheels

scroll saw on wheels

Slowly and steadily I’m getting the garage into shape.  Soon I’ll be moving the big boat into the garage.

See the sunfish waiting patiently in the background?  The fan is still blowing through it to dry it out, but I don’t think it’s going to get much lighter than it already is.   Should be able to start on the sunfish repair in a couple of months.  Can’t decide if I want to put the trailer together first, or get the boat in shape.  Probably the boat.


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