HorseTrailer Wiring

I continue to be inundated with non-boat projects.  I am working furiously to knock out the super big project which must not be mentioned by name.  I also manage to slip in other projects as criticality rises based on deadlines and usage needs.  Here is an example:

The horse trailer is needed next weekend by Mrs. CapnRehab.  The lights were acting a little funky so I needed to test them.  Looking on the internet gave me the info I needed about the wiring harness. (Thank you

7-Way Trailer Diagram

Now on to testing the trailer lights.  It actually turns out to be pretty simple.  All you is a 12 volt battery and a setup like this:

trailer light test kit

trailer light test kit

I got these parts at Autozone. (Sorry.  No matter what I do this picture comes out upside down.)

Test Kit Components

Test Kit Components

Notice these are of type “ATC”.  Don’t get a fuse holder of type ATM and fuses of type ATC.  It won’t work.  Who knew there were different types?

Here is the setup I used.

Test kit hooked up

Test kit hooked up

Connect the ground of the battery directly to the trailer, then use the fused wire to touch the trailer hookup connector leads one at a time.  I found out everything was fine except for the running lights.

So as I started working on it, I noticed this.  It’s very difficult for the lights to work if they’re not connected to anything.  Maybe that should have been the first thing to check.

Found the problem

Found the problem

Here are all the pieces laid out ready to go.  The old parts are on top.  Notice the old light housing has 1 big bolt holding it on.  The new has 2 tiny screws.  They just don’t make things like they used to.  (10 years ago).  The newlight is an LED .vs. the old light is a bulb, so I guess there are some improvements.

old parts/new parts

old parts/new parts

So I replaced two light housings and reconnected two other sets of broken wires.  All like new again.


6 thoughts on “HorseTrailer Wiring

    • The project that must not be named continues to suck all my time. However, I am developing a lot of skill. The next boat project will be to Big Red the riding mower operational again. I’ve ordered a part and when it gets here will do the repair. Should be 2 weeks.

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