Found a keel

I found a keel on my favorite shopping site.  Craigslist of course!

Choice of two keels

Choice of two keels

My choice of two, and the owner says he’ll give me guidance to get it fixed.  He even has dimensions for it.

C 22 Swing Keel Dim pre 1985

C 22 Swing Keel Dim pre 1985

Lucky Me.  Now I just have to figure out how to move it and how to repair it.  Simple huh?  Not.  The specs say it weighs 525 lbs +/- 25.  You have to plan how to deal with something like this.

Here is a thread that talks about finishing a keel after sandblasting.  If you don’t seal it within a few hours it will start to rust and then the epoxy won’t stick to it.

Wish me luck.  I’m going to try to make it out there this weekend.


5 thoughts on “Found a keel

    • The boat weighs less than the water it pushes out of the way – that’s why it floats. When you put something really heavy way down at the bottom, it makess bottom part stay underwater, and the top part stay on top of the water. Which is what we want in a sailboat 🙂

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