We don’t need no stinkin keel!

Catalina 22 Keel Repair.

Well, maybe we do.  This is the reason the previous owner gave me the boat.  We have a serious lack of keel:

Keel slot - no keel

Keel slot – no keel

In all these pictures, the bow of the boat is toward the top of the picture.

Here is a close up of the bolts.  Or should I say where the bolts used to be.  They look like they’ve been sheared off.

Sheared Off Keel Bolts

Sheared Off Keel Bolts

Here is the same spot, but at a slight angle.

Sheared off keel bolts at an angle

Sheared off keel bolts at an angle

To give you some idea of the mess this is, I went looking for a picture of one in good condition and found this Catalina 22 / Fleet 20 Portland Oregon blog entry

Hangar Bolt Weldments

Hangar Bolt Weldments

Here is a picture looking up into the keel cavity.  I think that thing sticking out of the side may be a “stay down”  bolt, but not sure.

Keel cavity

Keel cavity

Wow, it looks like I have a LONG way to go to get this boat in the water!  Unfortunately about the only required skill I currently possess is patience and the inability to recognize when a job is too big for me.



6 thoughts on “We don’t need no stinkin keel!

  1. Sorry..didn’t keep the theme running but all i could think of was Achmed the terrorist…..”I keel you!”…

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