First mowing of the Rehabitat lawn

Lil Red is out of commission at the moment, so Orangy was pressed into service.

Orangy the riding lawnmower

Orangy the riding lawnmower

For such a little guy, this is a great big yard!

Front yard of the Rehabitat

Front yard of the Rehabitat

He just kept saying “I think I can, I think I can…”  till the job was done.

Rehabitat yard is mowed

Rehabitat yard is mowed

So I took another few pictures cause it was so pretty.

2013-04-06 12.15.06 2013-04-06 12.15.17


5 thoughts on “First mowing of the Rehabitat lawn

  1. that’s a lot of grass to mow! we’ve been dumped on with rain all week – grass is greening, and flowers are JUST starting to pop up here. cherry trees aren’t blossoming yet, though.

    • Sure was for that little mower, but he did it like a champ. Yay! So glad for spring to be here.

      Not sure if I can wait for that basement to finish before I go sailing!

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