House Sediment filter

My next house rehab project is getting the sediment filter to work.  It is also hooked to some kind of treatment system.  For now, I have to keep the sediment from coming in because the grit is clogging our clothes washer supply lines and is a pain to clean.  It’s probably clogging other stuff that don’t have filters.

Here is the existing treatment system

Treatment system

Treatment system

Why you would have the sediment filter AFTER the treatment is beyond me.  It seems like it should be the first thing that happens?

Here is a close up of the sediment filter.  Ugh, look at how black it is.  I may need to replace the entire housing.  I’m guessing the insides of the copper pipes are just as nasty?  The entire system is shut off from the rest of the house supply at the moment.

Filter closeup

Filter closeup

Here is the treatment tank on the right, I’ve been told it’s a salt tank.  Yuck, I really don’t want this any where near our drinking water!

Treatment tank insides

Treatment tank insides

Here is the label on the outside of the other treatment system cylinder.  I have no idea what this is:

Treatment Cylinder Label

Treatment Cylinder Label

And last, here is the label on the timer mechanism.

Treatment system label

Treatment system label

I’m just going to bypass the whole treatment system and just replace the sediment filter.  Wish me luck.


6 thoughts on “House Sediment filter

  1. Captain,

    The treatment system is a water softener, and it is required or the walls of your copper pipes will thin over time and THEN you’ll have a real mess. You need to keep that running! The brine tank fills at night (or every other night, or every third night, depending on how the timer is set up) with water, and then the solution is mixed in with the water as you use it. There is a backflush that is suppose to take place to clean things out, but by the looks of the salt reservoir, it has not been working? You should be able to trigger a manual regeneration phase by turning the timer dial. Try not to use water while it is regenerating, which is why it should be scheduled to happen during the middle of the night.

    Yes, the sediment filter should be the first thing, and you will have a LOT less headache if you go to Home Depot or Lowes and get a higher capacity filter – you would not have to change the filter nearly as often.

    If you have a LOT of minerals in your water, then you may need a new system as that one looks like a very old one that likely softens the water and removes sediment, but does not get rid of high amounts of minerals which can leave rust colored stains in your toilets.

    Good luck with that mess!


    • great info! This weekend’s project is replacing the sediment filter and bypassing the treatment. How are you at soldering copper? Care to come over for some free beer?

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