The clean out of the garage continues.  Pegboard is a must for any garage, and mine is no exception.

Here is the pegboard halfway up.  Notice I put up the 1×2 frame first but have the 4×8 pegboard sheet laying sideways.  At first I thought I made a mistake and should have put them both vertically, but I don’t think it really matters.  All 1×2’s are nailed into studs that I found with my great new stud finder!  (Note, this is a picture from a previous post, but it’s the only one I have for the pegboard “before” picture.

Drying out

Pegboard “before” picture

Here it is complete.  I got to load up a bunch of items and get them out of the corner.

Loaded Pegboard

Loaded Pegboard


That white bag on the right is my windsurfer sail.  I guess I should hang it with the windsurfer.

I also made some shelves for gardening stuff (and other things).  “L” brackets mounted in studs work great.



The Garage continues to empty out.  A few weeks ago you couldn’t see past the first set of shelves.  Now it’s clear al the way to the third bay!  Next step is to organize tools so I can start the basement rehab.

Garage clearing out

Garage clearing out


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