Hanging Boats

The fall-out from the move is nearing completion.  I am continuing to clear the garage of all the stuff that was unloaded from the storage sheds when we moved.  The plan is to have the 3 garage bays completely clear for 1 car, 1 boat, 1 working space.  Towards that end, I’ve moved the kayaks and windsurfer vertical.

The job was pretty simple.  I got some heavy hooks with rubberized coatings and screwed them into studs.  (I actually have a studfinder that works!)  Then used some rubber straps with adjustable holes so the kayaks are hanging just on the rubber part.


Kayaks on the floor

Kayaks on the floor


Kayaks on the wall

Kayaks on the wall

The bottom two are pretty easy to get to, but the blue kayak on top is a two person job to get it up there.  I guess that’s OK since the only time I’ll need it is when I’m going kayaking with a second person.

The box at the bottom left of the “after” picture is the car top kayak rack.  I may just leave it in the box right there, or I may wind up hanging it too.  We’ll see.


4 thoughts on “Hanging Boats

  1. very nice! at my old house in Indiana, my garage had enough space above the garage doors that I could hang my old Super Porpoise (a Sunfish clone) above the doors! it was a sweet setup.

    • I just went out and checked. It doesn’t look like there is enough room to do that with mine. Looks like it’s going to have to go back outside once I get the trailer back together.

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