Roofing Rehab

This isn’t technically a CapnRehab job, but the roof on the Rehab homestead has been replaced.  We planned it as part of the purchase, and a good thing too!  Our first soaking rain here showed us several spots with continuous drips.  The worst leak was in Rehab Central!  Yep, dripping right in the garage right next to the boat!

Here are some action shots.   Stripping the old roof off. The guy on the left is sealing up the chimney (a previous source of leaks).  The guy on the right is taking off the shingles, the second guy from right is picking them up, the third guy is tossing them over his shoulder…


then he walks over to the other side of the house, down this 30 foot, 3 foot wide board 10 feet in the air and tosses the shingles in the truck.  Can’t be scared of heights on this job!



Sorry this next pic is blurry.  It’s the owner’s truck.  On the side it says “Owner on site”.  And there always was one of the two brothers here when the crew was working.


They started in the front and worked their way to the back.  They never tossed anything on the ground and they were zealous about picking up anything that did drop and cleaning up any mess they made.  The second to the last day they worked from sunup to sundown trying to beat some bad weather that was coming.  (What, bad weather here?)



Finished…Very nicely done.  These guys were top notch.

The best part is I didn’t fall off the roof because I didn’t have to go up there!


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