appliance rehab

Not exactly rehab, but the new appliances were delivered saturday morning. Double oven, dishwasher & microwave. Should be a simple matter of removing the old ones… and dropping in the new ones, right? Not exactly. It took two full days, three trips to Home Depot and two trips to Lowes. The double oven was difficult, in part because it was so darned heavy. I finally hit on the idea of setting up my car ramps and shoving the thing right up them to get it in place.


At one point I needed to get it back out to reposition the wiring, but it was stuck solid. I thought I was going to have to call the repairmen to finish the job. At that point I paused for a few minutes, thought about it, and then lifted the corner in just the right way to free it. For most of the weekend, the kitchen looked like this.


but eventually I prevailed and it finally looked like this


Mrs. CapnRehab was quite pleased with her functioning double oven and microwave.


The next major rehab on the house is replacing all the locks. Wish me luck….



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