sunfish comes to the new house

The move to the new house is nearing completion.  All my stuff from storage  is now in the garage.


Today rehab junior and I brought the sunfish to the new house and put it on sawhorses.


My next boat task is to cut portals in the deck and get airflow through it to dry it out. Unfortunately there are tons of things to do on the house before I can even begin to do boat stuff.

I sure am excited to be in the new house.  After four years of moving around I am finally going to get my tools set up.


7 thoughts on “sunfish comes to the new house

  1. Tell me about the size & count of the portals you will make in the deck of your sunfish? And will they provide permanent access to dry out the hull interior?

    Enjoy settling in and all the new home-improv projects in 2013.

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