Rehab home purchase 1 week away

The move north is complete, and the new job begun.  The job is pretty intense and requiring a lot of time.  It is a software development project and CapnRehab is the software team lead.  I will try not to let the blog suffer too much, but no promises.

To make matters worse, Mr. & Mrs CapnRehab are 1 week away from purchasing a (potentially) nice home in Upper Marlboro MD.  It is a bank owned foreclosure that has sat vacant for who knows how long.

A few major issues are:

  1. The roof was installed wrong and is on its last legs
  2. The gutters filled up with leaves ages ago and most of the exterior trim is rotted.
  3. The basement has had water intrusion in 3 separate major areas, and mold was allowed to grow
  4. The A/C system is inoperable
  5. All kitchen appliances are inoperable except the fridge, which is iffy

The purchase is being complicated by the mold and broken A/C.  Get this sequence:

  1. We can’t buy the home without hazard insurance
  2. We can’t get insurance because there isn’t working heat
  3. We can’t get the heat working till the mold is removed and treated
  4. We can’t spend the money to fix the mold or heat until we buy the home

A true catch-22 system.

If we can get everything worked out, this is where we’ll live.  Looks like I better nurse Little Red the lawnmower back to life before the spring.





8 thoughts on “Rehab home purchase 1 week away

  1. So, I guess you need a new name, say maybe “Capnrepo” or “Mr. Fixit” or “Handy Guy” and you need to start another blog about this house refurbishing this house if you do buy it!!! What was that movie, oh yes, “The Money Pit!” lol! But, knowing you and your patience and obvious skills, I’m sure you’ll have it all fixed and in tip-top shape in no time flat and knowing Mrs. Capnrehab and her great decorator sense and style she’ll have it looking good as soon as possible once you take care of all the ‘heavy repairs’! I have faith in you two! Hope your Christmas is wonderful whatever you do! You should take some time to enjoy it before you dive tackle that house for sure! Take care, lots of luck too! 🙂

    • We had a great holiday time with grandma rehab and little rehab junior. He brought his girlfriend, but she didn’t rehab anything at all, so she doesn’t get a rehab name. That’s a title that is earned, never given.

      Hope you stop by on the way up to NJ. We’re about 5 minutes from I95 here in DC. We’ve got lots of catching up to do.

  2. Yike, having spent time in real estate for several years, I know how frustrating and rewarding this can be! I’m glad you’re finding your new job challenging and that you’re in a leadership role! I wish you both a very happy Christmas season. It must be nice to be in the same state again. best always to you and Mrs. CapnRehab!

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