Made it to Maryland

CapnRehab is now back where it all this rehab stuff started.  Yes, back on the farm in Upper Marlboro, MD.

Our little adventure went well, with an uneventful ride up Interstate 95.  With the heavily loaded U-Haul trailer I was pulling my poor truck could only manage 6.6 miles per gallon.  And with 1250 miles clocked during the trip, OUCH, that sure hit the pocketbook.

Here we are on the day after a wonderful Thanksgiving with my boys in Orlando.  Sailboat and windsurfer riding fine on the roof of the trailer.

2012-11-23 09.20.25 At Disney's Pop Century Resort

2012-11-23 09.20.25 At Disney’s Pop Century Resort

Mrs. CapnRehab and Little Rehab jr. saying goodbye.  <sniff>

2012-11-23 09.20.51 Saying goodbye

2012-11-23 09.20.51 Saying goodbye

At the shed full of junk storage shed in MD.  Windsurfer boom is already hanging on the wall under the overhanging roof.

2012-11-24 16.27.07 Unloading

2012-11-24 16.27.07 Unloading

Sunrise on the farm.  It was spectacular. (Notice there are no leaves on the trees.  This is called winter.  This is what you get when you have a change of seasons.  Change of seasons is good so you don’t get bored by having sunny weather all the time.)

2012-11-26 06.55.51 Sunrise

2012-11-26 06.55.51 Sunrise

I also started the new job today.  I think it went well.  They gave me homework.  This job may cut into rehab projects.  Will keep you posted.




4 thoughts on “Made it to Maryland

  1. yes…I find myself getting bored by the sunny weather here in Vegas ALL the time…I say gosh darn I don’t want to golf today I want to sit inside, turn the heat on and watch TV. I wish it were freezing cold.

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