Pretty Ketch

In re-reading my last post about the Buzzilla Multihull Rendezvous, I realized I never said I had fun.  I was so focused on getting the blog out and details correct and didn’t really go into how I felt.

I loved it.  I like racing, and I like the go-fast multihulls.  I was a bit envious of the other boats that would start with us and leave us behind.    But it was fantastic being out on the water two full days, and I got to sail with two really great guys that I like spending time with.  On thing I’ve noticed about boat people is that most of them are really really nice people.

I was a bit overwhelmed at first.  Not really sure where I should fit in, and still hurting from the wakeboard fiasco.  I could barely sqeeze my hands around a rope!  Pulling with any strength was out.  The second day my arms were better and I think I did a pretty good job getting the spinnaker up and down.

After the races were over and we were heading back, we came across this Ketch.  (Ketch means the mizzen mast [the one in the back] is positioned in front of the stern post [where the rudder is])  (Rudder is the thing in the back that hangs down into the water and helps steer the boat)

Sorry it’s so tiny.  It seemed bigger in real life.   My phone doesn’t have an optical zoom, and I STILL don’t have a waterproof camera!





3 thoughts on “Pretty Ketch

  1. Glad to know you had fun. I think some of our family is like that….too busy trying to explain it correctly and losing sight of how we feel. I know I’m that way.

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