I sailed in the Buzzelli Multihull Rendevous

This weekend I drove to Sarasota, FL and participated in the  Buzzelli Multihull Rendevous at   Sarasota Sailing Squadron.  Sarasota has a very nice good-sized bay just south of Tampa Bay.

There were several brands of trimarans.  In our group of racers were Stiletto’s, Farrier’s (aka Corsairs) and some other smaller catamarans.  Each brand raced against others of the same brand, although there were different sized boats with a handicap to  even out the differences.  The stillettos went first, then five minutes later us Farrier designed boats went, then 5 minutes later the smaller cats went.

We sailed 3 races each day, and each race took about an hour and a half.  Most of the other boats were lots faster than ours, but we consistently beat 3 or 4 boats every race.

I sailed on the “Lively” again, a Corsair F27 Trimaran (the “F” stands for “designed by Ian Farrier”).  Here is a picture of it on the trailer.

Corsair F-27 on Trailer

Our Corsair F-27 on Trailer

 That’s the owner/skipper standing on the back, and Mike R. standing at the front.

Here we are headed out for Sunday’s races

Headed out Sunday to race in the 2012 Buzzelli Rendevous

Headed out Sunday to race in the 2012 Buzzelli Rendevous

Here is a picture I took while we were headed to the racecourse.  The wind had really picked up and our starboard (right) pontoon was completely out of the water.

Flying before the race

Flying before the race

I learned a lot this weekend about how to user Spinnaker Sails.   It is that big balloon looking sail you see in the front of boats.   The sail in the picture below is our Spinnaker, and all those sails way off in the distance are Stiletto’s from the first wave, and the faster Farrier designs from our wave.  Yes, we are WAY behind.

Spinnakers in the distance

Spinnakers in the distance

Here is a picture of a boat with the Spinnaker up.

Boat with Spinnaker up

Boat with Spinnaker up

One of the things I had trouble with was knowing what rope on the boat did what.  You would think color coding would help, but it didn’t.  There are more lines than colors, so the same color rope often did several different functions.  Notice that the little digital display in the picture shows 12.5.  That’s 12 1/2 knots of speed.  That is 14.3 miles an hour.  A few minutes before we had hit over 16 knots.  That is 20 miles an hour.  We were really moving.

Line confusion on deck

Line confusion on deck

Yes, there is danger in this sport.  We did see one catamaran that capsized.  No one was hurt and the boat was not damaged.  And yes, I wore my life jacket all day.

There is also danger when you get back to land.  Here is what happens when you drop a mast on your toe.  No, that’s not mine.  My toes are much nicer looking.  The skipper did it.

What dropping a mast can do to your toe

What dropping a mast can do to your toe


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