Jet Lev ride accomplished!

I did it.  Went to the Tradewinds resort here on St. Pete beach and signed the “I won’t sue you if I die” waiver.  Boy, that really instills confidence in someone about to try something completely new doesn’t it?

After a short jet ski ride out to the pontoon boat,  I waited while my work buddy took his ride (That’s him sitting on the bench to the left).  Then it was my turn, so I suited up.

CapnRehab ready to JetLev

CapnRehab ready to JetLev

You can see more pictures at, but hurry, they will only be there till July 31, 2012.

I have a video to prove I actually went through with it.  See that black square on the top front of my helmet?  That’s the GoPro Camera mount.  I made a movie, but when I tried to upload it to Vimeo, I was over twice the size limit.  I will eventually do another cut, but you’ll have to wait for it.

The JetLev was fun to do, but the seat was so uncomfortable on CapnRehab’s private parts, that it was hard to actually relax and enjoy the experience. I don’t recommend it if you intend to have kids in the future.  Oh, and doing a power dive into the water like a jet fighter pealing off to attack made me a little hesitant to start up again.  But of course I did.

We won’t be repeating this experience, but our search for the KiteBoard kite may bear some fruit.  Stay tuned.


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