Visualization – part two

The fallout from Tropical Storm Debby is that we got a lot of trash being washed up on our beach.  I went out that saturday for my usual morning cup of coffee on the beach when to my dismay realized I was basically sitting in a garbage dump.   I was surrounded by all kinds of trash.  (Mostly plastic, more on that later)  I just couldn’t sit there and do nothing.  I decided to pick it up.

I wound up collecting a full garbage bag, and also a bunch of boards and even a plastic cooler lid. Then I got a gift in return.

Remember a while back when I had that post about visualization, and being specific?  Well it works.  It think it works in part because by keeping something visualized, you recognize opportunities when they appear.

As part of the sunfish rehab, I need to fix the trailer.  The trailer has two 2×6 boards  that support the hull once it’s on the trailer.  They are partly rotted and look kinda crappy, so they need to be replaced.   I haven’t wanted to go buy a board, in part because I’m cheap, and in part because the trailer isn’t high on the priority list yet.  But I’ve been thinking eventually I’ll need to get one.  Not anymore.

One of the things washed up on the beach is a 2×6 beam.  And it’s not even pressure treated.  It’s Trex!  Permanent.

Yay visualization!

Old and future trailer skids

Old and future trailer skids


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